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Who We Are

In early eighties, a group of lawyers, committed to the work of human rights formed a loose group in order to defend the victims of State Repression. Later on, in 1992 when the Punjab police and the security agencies who were operating in Punjab, started a campaign to harass and kill the human rights defenders and the group started sufferring losses, the group formally organised themselves under the name and style of “LAWYERS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS”, which later on came to be known as “LAWYERS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL”.

Our Impact:

Campaign Against Death Penalty

Our organisation has joined hands with various human rights organisations of India who are propagating the abolition of death penalty from Indian Laws. Our organisation is a member of National...

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Stamp out Torture

Lawyers For Human Rights International started a campaign to stamp out torture from the police Stations. As a part of the campaign the organisation monitors cases of police torture and help the...

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