LFHRI holds seminar and starts signature campaign on 10th October 2009.

Navkiran Singh adressing in the seminar against death penalty10th of October was World day Against Death Penalty and Lawyers For Human Rights International after its election on the steering committee of World Coalition Against death Penalty organized a seminar and signature campaign for release of some of the worst victims of death Penalty. In the seminar Justice K.S Grewal, who recently retired from Punjab and Haryana High court and Dr. Usha Ramanathan an anti death penalty activist told in detail about the ill effects of the Death Penalty and also about its abuse worldwide. Navkiran Singh, Advocate, who is also the General Secretary of LFHRI, informed the gathering as to how LFHRI and he himself have worked since last 3 years to ensure justice to the victims of Death Penalty.

He quoted statistic’s which disclosed how Death Penalty is being abused throughout the world as a tool of repression against the people on the basis of caste, color, creed and economics. It was also told to the gathering of more than 200 people that Death Penalty does not serve any purpose, except breeding further violence and human Rights violation. Figures show that in places where Death Penalty is being used in large number of cases, the crime has not reduced, which shows that it does not have a deterrent effect on the others, while at places where Death Penalty has been abolished, the crime rate has not increased. So this shows that it has Death penalty does not serve any purpose.

The gathering was welcomed by Mr. V.P.S Bhatia, Advocate, who is the present President of LFHRI and vote of Thanks was delivered by one of the founder members of LFHRI, Mr.Amar Singh Chahal, Advocate, also the Ex President. The seminar was attended by lawyers, students and people who are against the Death Penalty. The seminar was held in law Bhawan at Chandigarh.

On the occasion, the families of the victims of Death penalty, who are detained in Tihar jail, Ambala Jail and Amritsar jail also gave the details of the trauma they have undergone and are undergoing due to the imposition of Death penalty on their dear ones. Navkiran Singh, advocate also disclosed the sub- human conditions in which Dharam pal one of the Death Penalty victims is being kept in Ambala Jail.

Signature campaign for requesting the President Of India to grant clemency to Devender Pal Singh Bhullar ( Tihar jail), Dharam Pal ( Ambala Jail) and Piara Singh + 3 of his family members( Amritsar Jail) was also launched on this day.

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