Post of International Co-ordinator

The General body of the Lawyers For Human Rights International met at Chandigarh on October 14,2001 under the President ship of Mr. Amar Singh Chahal, President. Mr.Narinder Singh Kang, Barristerand Parvakar Singh, Independent Investigator from Canada were the special invitees. Mr. Navkiran Singh, the General Secretary of the Organisation was unanimously elevated to the Post of International Co-ordinator with immediate effect. His head quarters would be Vancouver-BC Canada. In his place, Arunjeev Singh Walia has been appointed ad-hoc General Secretary for the remaining term. Mr. Narinder Singh Kang, Barrister was appointed the President of North American Chapter of the Organisation.

The General body unanimously passed the following resolutions:

1. The LHRI strongly condemns the terrorist attack on World Trade Centre and other places in America and expresses its deep condolence with the bereaved families. Its North American Chapter will shortly hold a blood donation camp in New York to provide medical care to the victims of the attack.

2. The LHRI also condemns the military action against the people of Afghanistan by American and allied forces after the attack on WTC. The organisation feels that violence cannot be ended with violence. If the terrorists attacks of Osama Bin Laden are inhuman, so is the act of American military killing thousands of innocent people of Afghanistan. The organisation calls upon the US President and other countries participating in the war including India to shun the path of violence and save thousands of human lives from being killed.

3. The LHRI appoints Navkiran Singh, General Secretary as the International Co-ordinator and Arunjeev Singh Walia, as the ad-hoc General Secretary.

4. The LHRI will release the list of all those police officers of Punjab Police involved in cases of human rights violations and will supply the said list to the High Commissions of different countries seeking restriction in granting visa to such tainted police officers.

5. The Organisation will launch prosecution of all those police officers of Punjab Police, who had committed human rights violations in Punjab and are now living in different countries, in the law courts of the particular countries as per the International Law.The LHRI also calls upon the victims of Police atrocities in Punjab who are at present settled abroad to send the list of police officers who had committed violations of their human rights and the organisation will file Petitions for seeking prosecutionof such police officers who are now residing in different countries. It has come to the notice of the organisation that many police officers who had committed human rights violation are now settled abroad in order to save themselves from prosecution in cases of human rights violations. As per the International Law, if both the victim and the violator of human rights lives in a particular country, he could be tried there for his wrongs committed in another country.