In the last 10 months 17 women were stripped naked…. LFHRI Report.

In the last 10 months 17 women were stripped naked in various parts in India and praded in streets.The Lawyers For human Rights International released a report on this issue related to conditions of women in India.


Mass molestation of naked tribal girl in WB Posted: Aug 09, 2010 Suri (WB)

The police today arrested five persons in Birbhum district for allegedly circulating a video that featured a village tribal girl when she was being paraded naked. The police said the 17-year-old girl was paraded naked at a village of the district last April for allegedly having an affair with a boy of a different community. The girl was made to run/walk for miles across villages while men molested her throughout and other unspeakable violence was meted out to her by bystanders. However, neither the girl nor her family lodged any police complaint against the persons involved in the incident which was captured by a camera by some persons who later circulated it through MMS, the police said. The police on its own has started an investigation which culminated in today’s arrest of five persons following a raid was conducted at some villages in the Rampurhat sub-division. The police said it has asked the girl to file a police complaint.


Tribal woman paraded naked Tribune News Service Kolkata, August 8, 2010

A 19-year-old tribal woman, Sushmita Tudu, was paraded naked in broad daylight in Osmanpur village, Birbhum, around 180 km from here. The girl was ‘punished’ for marrying a Muslim boy, said sources. The couple was forced to leave the village by the panchayat. The police has arrested five people in this connection. Attempts were being made for locating the couple in the nearby villages.


Dalit girl paraded naked in Mumbai TNN, Jul 10, 2010, 01.22am IST (Times of India) MUMBAI:

Cases of attacks on dalit women aren’t confined to rural India: last month, a young dalit girl was stripped and paraded in a southern Mumbai locality. The local police has arrested 10 women and two men and slapped them with cases of atrocities. However, Sharada Yadav, the main accused, is out on bail. Said senior police inspector Rajan Bhogale: “All the suspects named by the victim, including Sharada Yadav, were arrested in the case. We charged them under the Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989. But Sharda Yadav was granted bail by the court.” The 22-year-old dalit girl Mita Kamble (name changed), who was stripped and dragged out of her house at Darukhana, Reay Road, by a mob of mostly women, said: “They all shouted that dalits like me should not live in this area. They kept hurling abuses on me.” What led to the incident was rape of a five-year-old child, allegedly by Mita’s brother, a watchman at the ship-breaking yard, on June 16. Vijay Kamble (34) was arrested by the Sewri police. “While stripping me, Sharada Yadav and another woman kept shouting that I would have to pay for my brother’s crime,” said Mita. On the other hand, the five-year-old girl who was raped returned home on Friday after she underwent two surgeries in J J Hospital. Several organisations and social workers recently held a rally and demanded the police to hold some counselling sessions for the residents.


Woman stripped and paraded naked, 12 held Mumbai, July 26, 2010 (Hindustan Times)

A 32-year-old woman was beaten, stripped and paraded naked in a village in Maharashtra for allegedly having an extramarital affair with a veterinary doctor. The veterinarian was also beaten and stripped. The assault and humiliation, which lasted several hours, took place at Nanded village in the district of Jalgaon, 650 km from Mumbai, on July 19. So far, 12 people have been arrested for the assault, the police said on Saturday. “The victim has alleged that she was assaulted by a group of 13 people. A case has been registered against all 13 accused,” said Vijay Patil, a police constable. According to witnesses, the victim’s husband was away when a local veterinarian, Vijay Chowdhary (47), visited her. A group of men, suspecting them of having an illicit affair, dragged the duo out of the house and thrashed them. The group then stripped them naked and paraded them in the village. “Women and children also joined the mob and jeered at the duo,” Patil said. Some villagers even clicked their nude photographs. “Initially, the victim was so scared, she didn’t register a complaint. But when she learnt that some people intended to blackmail her using her nude pictures, she filed an FIR,” said collector Niranjan Sudhanshu.


NDTV Correspondent, Updated: July 24, 2010 Jalgaon district, Maharashtra:

Shocking images of a man and woman paraded naked by self-appointed moral police have appeared in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. A 32-year-old woman was stripped and paraded on the streets of Nanded village. She was found in her house with the local veterinary doctor, by a vigilante mob, who accused them of having an extra-marital affair. The mob planned to kill them, but the community elders intervened. The couple were then stripped, and paraded for three hours. Also seen in the photographs that were taken of this incident, is the village police head. The incident, which occurred late on Monday night, came to light after the district magistrate ordered strict action against all those involved.


Woman paraded naked – Women in Tripura kangaroo court suggested nude punishment Agartala, June 17, 2010:

A Tripuri woman was beaten up and paraded naked through her village by panchayat members in Dhalai after a kangaroo court accused her of sexual misconduct last Saturday. The 30-year-old wife of a farmer, villagers said, “were spoiling young boys with sexual bait” in Jayanti Bazar village. Last Saturday, when the mother of two was feeding her children around 12pm, panchayat member Bangalaxmi Debbarma came to her house and asked her to appear in the house of panchayat chief Bidyamohan Debbarma. As she continued to feed her children, Bangalaxmi barged into her home again and warned her that unless she went to the panchayat chief’s house immediately she would be driven out of the village. Practically dragged to Bidyamohan Debbarma’s house, the woman was asked to sit in the middle of the courtyard surrounded by local leaders, includingpanchayat functionaries of the CPM Radhamohan Debbarma, Birendra Debbarma and Kalimata Debbarma. Following a fusillade of accusations, two women workers of the CPM pulled at her pachhra (indigenous wear) and systematically disrobed her. Amid cries of ecstasy from the crowd, Birendra Debbarma beat her up, while the women suggested that she be paraded naked through the village. The proposal was immediately accepted. Eyes covered with her hands, the hapless woman staggered through the village till she fell at a spot. The members of the khap panchayat finally let her go with a warning that if she went to a hospital or informed police, her family would be massacred. Her husband rushed home on receiving information of her torture and sat tongue-tied in shock. Her brother arrived and took her and the family to his home in nearby Dalucherra before admitting the bruised woman to a primary health centre. Sub-inspector Subal Mauzmder noted down a complaint from her at the health centre but advised her not to pursue the case as “they are powerful people and will do more harm”. He rounded up 14 of the 16 CPM supporters, including the panchayat members, but let them off quickly as the sections he had invoked from the Indian Penal Code were bailable. The family now continues to live in terror in Dalucherra village. Reacting to allegations on police inaction, superintendent of police (Dhalai) Dipak Kumar said he had heard of the incident and would personally visit Jayanti Bazar and Dalucherra villages to take stock of the situation. “This is a barbaric incident and I will look into the complaint,” said Kumar. But the leader of the Opposition, Ratanlal Nath, who visited Dalucherra and spoke to the woman and her husband yesterday, said the family had been singled out for “barbaric torture” because they have been traditional Congress supporters in a village almost totally dominated by the CPM.


UP woman assaulted, paraded naked Aligarh, June 5, 2010

A woman has charged six persons, including district BSP president, of assaulting and later parading her naked in a market, following which a case has been registered against them by the police. A case of assault against six persons, including the BSP leader Moolchand Bhagel, has been filed, Superintendent of Police Maan Singh Chouhan said. He, however, said the woman was not paraded naked. The incident took place on June 2, when 45-year-old Brima Devi had a minor tiff with some persons while she was on her way back from a temple. She was then beaten up. She alleged in her complaint to the police that she was also paraded naked through the village Chandaukha, 20 km from here. Bir Singh, husband of Brima Devi, alleged that the police was trying to dilute the charges against the BSP leader because of political pressure. The woman was detained by the police for a few hours in connection with some case. She was, however, let off later. “Instead of arresting the persons named in the report, the police has arrested Devi on a case filed against her by a group ten days back,” Singh alleged.


Woman charged of witchcraft, beaten, paraded naked Tuesday, March 16, 2010 Bhubaneswar, March 17 (IANS)

A woman suspected to be practicing witchcraft in an Orissa village was beaten and paraded naked, police said Wednesday. Two people were arrested after Baidei Patra from Jangala village in Sundergarh district complained to police Tuesday. “We got a complaint from Baidei Patra Tuesday that she was paraded in her village naked and beaten. We have arrested two of the three accused in this connection,” a police official said. “They paraded me naked in the village suspecting that I practice witchcraft. They also bound me to a tree and beat me up,” Patra told police.


Woman, partner attacked, paraded naked in Beed Saturday March 13, 2010, Beed (Maharashtra)

In a shocking incident, a 35-year-old woman and her live-in partner of 15 years were reportedly stripped and paraded naked in Ekurka village of Beed, Maharashtra. The incident occurred on the night of March 8. According to reports, a mob led by her partner’s son and brother dragged the two out of their house and brutally attacked them with sticks. The attackers severely bruised the woman’s private parts. “They dragged her out of the house stripped her. They beat us both with sticks. We fell unconscious so they left us thinking we were dead. Later, a woman from my village came and with her help I called the police,” said the woman’s partner. The woman and her partner were then beaten and paraded naked through in the village till they fell unconscious. “We called the police. They gave me clothes to wear and took us with them in their jeep,” said the victim. According to those close to the woman, she was attacked as the woman had spurned the advances of her partner’s brother. The partner’s son, brother and other accused were arrested on Thursday, and charged with causing injury with intent to cause grievous harm. They were, however, released on bail later. The woman is currently recuperating at a Beed hospital. Meanwhile, activists allege that the police have been slow in responding to the incident and have not properly charged the accused. “The police have not filed a case properly. They have not filed the relevant clause,” said a women’s activist Manisha Tokale. While the woman may have help fighting the legal battle, for now, her greater challenge dealing with personal trauma. Dalit woman paraded naked in Karnataka village February 01, 2010 A Dalit woman from Lakshmisagar village in Chitradurga district, Karnataka, has filed a case against eight men of Nayak community for assaulting her and parading her naked on the village’s streets on January 17. The men, belonging to a dominant Nayak community of the village, accused the woman of helping a Dalit man and a Nayak girl elope from the village. Eyewitnesses said a group of about 40men beat up 25-five-year-old Bhagyamma before parading her on the streets. The Superintendent of Police, Chitradurga, Labhuram confirmed that Bhagyamma had filed the case. “Bhagyamma has filed a complaint against eight people.” He said a couple hailing from different communities had eloped, leading to a rift between the two communities. “We traced the couple and brought them back to Chitradurga from Davanagere. The girl has given a statement saying that she had willingly eloped with the Dalit boy,” he added. However, the Chitradurga Deputy Police Commissioner denied that the incident took place in the village. “If a Dalit woman was beaten up and stripped naked, it would have definitely come to my notice. I checked with the superintendent of police, it was only a elope case. For further details contact the SP,” he said. However, Bhagyamma said at least 30-40 men from the Nayak Community barged into her house on the morning of January 17 and assaulted her. “Holding my hair, they paraded me to the Panchayat office. No one came to my rescue except a Panchayat member. The men beat up my husband also,” she said. “We were taken to the Bharamasagara police station at 11am that day and let off in the evening,” she said. Ravi Kumar, a villager who said he was a witness to the incident, said more than 200 men from the Nayak community had barged into the houses of Dalits that day and warned that their houses would be burned down. Hanumanthappa, belonging to the Nayak community from the village, said it was only a “small clash” between the two communities. “There was a small clash and nothing much happened.


Pregnant woman thrashed, paraded naked in Uttar Pradesh IANS, Nov 23, 2009, 01.42pm IST (Times of India) LUCKNOW:

A group of locals thrashed a pregnant woman and paraded her naked through a village in Uttar Pradesh after she objected to encroachment on her land, police said on Monday. The incident took place Sunday evening at Karnawala village in Bijnor district, about 400 km from Lucknow. Of the four people who were primarily behind the incident, two have been arrested, police said. “In the incident, the woman suffered a miscarriage. She is undergoing treatment at a hospital,” police inspector Rajesh Kumar Gautam told reporters. According to police, some residents of the village wanted to occupy a plot that belonged to the 25-year-old woman’s husband. They started to set up a makeshift establishment on the plot on Sunday. When the woman, who was alone at home, protested, the encroachers barged into her residence. They hit her with wooden sticks, dragged her by the hair and stripped her, police added. “Efforts are on to nab the other villagers involved in the incident,” said Gautam.


Woman, daughter kicked, stripped Indo-Asian News Service Lucknow, November 07, 2009 (Hindustan Times)

The mother and 18-year-old sister of a young man were kicked, stripped and paraded naked in an Uttar Pradesh village by locals who were against his relationship with a girl. The two brothers of the girl have been arrested, police said on Saturday. The mother and sister of Phaujveer Singh, 24, a resident of Kalyanpur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district, some 350 km from Lucknow, were Friday paraded naked in the village by a group of locals, including the family members of the girl. “Phaujveer’s mother and sister were dragged by their hair and brought outside their home. Then family members of the girl and other villagers kicked them in full public view. They were later forcibly stripped and paraded through the village,” Sandesh Khari, a villager, told reporters in Bulandshahr. According to villagers, Singh was having a love affair with the 21-year-old daughter of Anand Kumar, also a resident of Kalyanpur, for over one year. Since Anand Kumar was against the relationship, his daughter eloped with Singh last week. The couple have not returned to the village. “The matter was brought before the village panchayat Thursday that ordered Kumar’s daughter be produced within 48 hours. However, the girl’s family said they would tackle the matter on their own. On Friday, the girl’s family members along with other villagers barged inside Singh’s residence and assaulted his mother and sister,” added Khari. Police inspector Hari Singh said on Saturday: “We have arrested Dharmendra and Virendra – brothers of the girl – who were primarily involved in the incident. “We have initiated an enquiry into the case and others involved in the crime will also be punished.


Five women stripped charged of witchcraft, paraded naked Ranchi, October 19, 2009

Five women were stripped and paraded naked in Deoghar district of Jharkhand after being charged of witchcraft, police said on Monday. Five women, including three widows, were forcibly brought to a field Sunday in Patharghatia village in Deoghar, about 350 km from state capital Ranchi. They were stripped and paraded naked and two of them were forced to eat excreta, police said. “Sushila Kumahrin, Sagiran Beebi, Hafijan Beebi, Sujan Beebi and Gulnar Beebi were tortured to accept that they were witches and practise black magic. The incident took place at the instruction of a witch doctor. The witch doctor said that these women were practising black magic and were causing problems in the village,” a police officer said. The women were rescued when local government officials and police reached the spot. However, the perpetrators managed to escape. According to reports, hundreds of people witnessed the incident. “We have lodged an FIR (First Information Report) against 11 people, including six women. We will soon arrest the perpetrators,” the officer added. Majority of perpetrators were Muslims and four of the five victims belonged to the same community. In Jharkhand, women are subjected to different forms of torture after being branded witches. There are instances when women have been paraded naked, forced to eat human excreta and even killed. According to official data, more than 700 people, majority of them women, were killed after being branded witches. The witch doctors manage to escape as people fear black magic if they are named.